Quomodo de meipso vobis narrare, cum haud meipsum cognoscam?

Nevertheless, I’ll give it a try. My name is Christopher Zehnder. I hold a Master’s in Catholic Dogmatic Theology, but I make my living as a writer and as the general editor of the Catholic Textbook Project. My wife, Katherine, and I, with five of our seven children (two are grown) live in Central Ohio. I have written three history texts for middle and high school students for the textbook project, and two novels that take place during the “heroic” period of the Reformation in Germany:  A Song for Else, Part I: The Vow and Part II: The Overthrow, for my own Savage Mountain Press. I was raised in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, but for the past 30 or so years have been Catholic. Beyond this, there is not much to tell. The details of my life are not very romantic, I’m afraid.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fr Michael Hickin said:

    Christopher, I just found your blog. Enjoyed your take on Laudato Si and the Supreme Court decision. I appreciate your ‘connectivity’. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow some of your words for my parish bulletin. I’ll cite you. Peace, Fr Michael Hickin

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